1 have lived (present perfect – a situation that started in the past and continues to the present)/have been living (also possible to emphasise duration)
2 hunt (present simple – a habit)
3 catch (present simple – a habit)
4 is threatening (present continuous – sth happening around the time of speaking)
5 is getting (present continuous – a developing situation)
6 have already starved (present perfect – a situation that started and finished in the recent past)
7 has been trying (present perfect continuous – a situation that started in the past and still continues with emphasis on duration)
8 believes (present simple – a state not an action)
The Sami people live in northern Europe where it is cold whereas I live in southern Europe where it is warmer. The Sami people catch fish and hunt reindeer whereas my family and I get our food from shops. The climate change is seriously threatening the Sami people’s way of life whereas our lifestyle is not threatened.