1 T (the overwhelming hospitality they had shown me)
2 T (12,000-mile-trip)
3 T (2 day’s trip by boat to the nearest road)
4 T (I watched them getting used to modern technology)
5 F (every escalator was met with terror)
6 T (I couldn’t believe I was so high above the land… what makes this turn)
7 NS
8 T (apartment block for the elderly … shocked … must care for them.)
9 NS
10 NS
stoneage (adj): relating to sth very basic and simple
escalator (n): a moving staircase
meet with terror/suspicion (phr): to be scared of/untrusting of sth on first seeing it
lift (n): a device for carrying people/things between the floors of a building
revolving door (n): a door that moves 360° so people can enter/exit a building at the same time
gasp of wonder (phr): sharp intake of breath in amazement
I nvisible (adj): unable to be seen
spear (n): a weapon consisting of a long stick of wood
with a sharp metal point at the end
the elderly (n): old people