1 poisoning
2 sell-by
3 needs
4 landfill
5 waste
6 frozen
7 closing
8 high-street
9 sealed
10 flat-screen
11 roasted
12 steamed
1 Eating food from bins carries the risk of food poisoning.
2 A lot of food is thrown out because it is past its sell-by date.
3 If we only shop for our everyday needs, there would be less waste.
4 17 million tons of food goes to landfill sites in Britain every year.
5 Freeganism is a reaction to consumer waste.
6 Frozen ready meals are often thrown away by supermarkets on the day of the sell-by date.
7 Freegans rummage through supermarket bins after closing time.
8 High-street stores throw out a lot of goods.
9 They sell vegetables in sealed bags.
10 Flat-screen TVs don’t have curved screens which helps the image look more lifelike.
11 Roasted onions is a great vegetable side dish.
12 Steamed cabbage is easy to prepare and is rich in iron.