Key words: council, life in the neighbourhood, look, problems, talk, each other, decide which problem
There are two parts to the task. The first part involves discussing why each problem is a problem and the second part involves deciding which two the council should try to solve first.
A: Firstly, I think cars parked on pavements is a problem for a community. Not only does it look bad but also it damages the pavement and makes it dangerous for pedestrians because they end up having to walk on the road.
В: I totally agree. A dripping tap is a problem at home that a plumber can fix. I don’t think it is a serious problem. However, noisy construction work is very annoying and it makes people irritable. What do you think?
A: I totally agree with you. Stray animals are a serious problem. They make a mess in the parks and the areas they live in roaming the streets in search of food. Also, they make areas unhealthy when there are a lot of stray dogs around.
B: Yes, I see what you mean it’s a serious problem indeed. Graffiti and litter are a problem for a community because they make places look unattractive and so no one cares to look after them.
A: I totally agree with you and I think these places that are full of litter and graffiti become rundown and abandoned because no one wants to live there.
B: That’s true. Similarly, overgrown gardens make areas look rundown too.
A: What about overcrowded public transport?
B: Well I think one of the problems with this is that it encourages pickpockets.
A: Yes, I see what you mean. It puts people off using public transport and then there will be more cars on the roads which will lead to more traffic jams and air pollution.
B: Yes, I agree. I think that should be one of the first problems the council solves. If they put on more bus services, public transport will be less crowded.
A: That’s a good point, but I think graffiti and litter is a bigger problem.
B: That’s true, but it would be quicker and simpler to solve the problem of cars parking on the pavements by having traffic wardens regularly patrol the streets and give the cars parking tickets.
A: You’re right but cleaning up the graffiti and picking up the litter would have a bigger effect on the community. It would make the town more attractive and people would see a big difference and would start taking pride in the area where they live.
В: You’re absolutely right. So the council should clean up the graffiti and the litter first but which other problem do you think they should try to solve as well?
A: The cars parked on pavements because then it will make the streets easier to clean and make the roads safer for people.
В: I agree.