Language in Use
1 T
2 T
3 F (They live in Papua New Guinea. The Moken live in the Andaman Sea.)
4 T
5 F (Only third class passengers had to)
6 T
7 T
8 T
1 40% of Mongolians are nomads. (T)
2 There are 20,000 Sea Gypsies. (F – 2-3,000)
3 The insect Tribe come from a village called Swagup. (T)
4 Passing through customs at Ellis Island could take as little as three hours. (T)
5 Ellis Island’s nickname was ‘the kissing post’. (F – this was the nickname of the exit to Ellis Island. The island’s nickname was ‘Island of Tears.’
6 Freegans get most of their food from supermarket bins. (T)
7 Freegans are either homeless or unemployed. (F -they are neither)