A: Hey, Richard, are you doing anything next Sunday morning?
B: Let me see… erm… I don’t think so. Why?
A: Well, I’m thinking of going to the Chandler Ostrich Festival.
B: To what? What on earth is that?
A: I know it sounds crazy! It’s a famous festival which takes place each year in March.
В: So, what’s it all about?
A: Well… people can see, pet and ride ostriches. They can even buy and eat them!
B: That’s unbelievable!
A: I know. I went last year and I really enjoyed myself. There were some great performers before the show like clowns and marching bands. So, would you like to come with me?
B: Hmm… I don’t know.
A: Oh, come on, it’ll be fun! It’s only $7 and the food is great.
B: Well… OK then, why not?
A: That’s great. I’ll call you on Saturday to make the arrangements, then.
B: OK, I’ll speak to you then.