1 В (when captured… they struggle but then become calm… this is when Stuart steps in)
2 A (What made the film remarkable was that they didn’t use any stand-ins… real fear)
3 A (he had no idea … that he would work with tiger sharks)
4 D (I thought ‘Are you out of your mind?’ But then they said, “You’ll get $150.” … that’s a pile of money)
5 D (After … Cove became one of the chief shark handlers. He never told anyone he’d found the shark in the net!)
6 В (I ask him what I should do if I’m actually attacked…. “avoid moving”)
7 C (Many species of shark are very fussy eaters …. when the sharks accidentally bite the feeder’s hand, the animals immediately realise their mistake when they taste a wetsuit)
8 D (“It’s not smart… But you know…. for fame and fortune. You don’t mind doing anything.”)