Muay Thai is a martial art which was developed in Thailand. It is based on the idea that the body is a weapon, so parts of the body are used to represent weapons of war. For example, the hands become a sword and dagger, while shins and arms act as protective armour.
Originally, Muay Thai evolved through tribal warfare. The art was passed down from father to son and eventually became adopted by the Thai military. It was at this time that young men with military training decided to use their combat skills to develop Muay Thai as a sport.
The rules of Muay Thai are similar to the rules of kickboxing. Contestants fight for five rounds which last for three minutes each. During each round, players are awarded points based on their ability. The contestant with most points wins. However, if a contestant falls down and is unable to rise to their feet within ten seconds, they automatically lose the match.
Muay Thai has now become a popular international sport. Fans of mixed martial arts often incorporate Muay Thai techniques in their training. With its ever-growing popularity, the Thai government hopes that it will become very popular worldwide.