Language in Use
1 F (It can have up to 60)
2 T
3 T
4 T
5 F (Not yet – they need to find funding)
6 F ($10,000)
7 F (He works with a team of divers.)
8 T
1 Alligators can grow new teeth to replace worn ones.(T)
2 Cliff diving is also known as tombstoning. (T)
3 In Thailand, bread is made from termites. (F – Ghana)
4 The Swamp People of Louisiana live in tree houses. (F – They live in stilt houses.)
5 Crystals in the Giant Crystal Cave can weigh up to 55 tonnes. (T)
6 Tiger sharks never attack humans. (F – They frequently attack humans.)
7 Only nobility were allowed to attend jousting tournaments. (F – Commoners were allowed, too.)
8 Knights wore chain-mail when jousting. (F – They wore heavy armour made of metal plates.)