Suggested Answer Key
Some of the highest earners in society are professional athletes. While some people feel that they earn far too much, my opinion is that their pay is justified.
Firstly, athletes work extremely hard. Since their level of pay depends on their performance, professional athletes must train regularly in order to maintain their fitness and keep achieving good results.
Furthermore, they are role models in society. In particular, children hold athletes in high regard and strive to be more like their idols. This encourages young people to be physically fit and to have strength and determination.
On the other hand, some people feel that athletes do not provide a vital service to society. They believe that people in the medical and teaching professionals should earn what athletes do because they contribute more to society. Also, they believe that athletes’ high salaries make sporting events expensive for spectators. To sum up, while some people feel that athletes do not deserve their pay, I believe that it is justified. Athletes are talented, hardworking people who are positive role models in society. Therefore, they deserve to be highly paid.