1 feelings
2 human
3 brisk
4 aggression
5 mental
6 pressure
7 abuse
8 ticking
9 deep
10 release
1 Anger is a combination of physical and emotional feelings.
2 This emotion actually helped the human race to evolve.
3 Taking a brisk walk can help you to calm down.
4 Sometimes, anger can lead to physical aggression.
5 Uncontrolled anger has a negative impact on our mental health.
6 When anger is improperly managed, it can result in high blood pressure.
7 It is common to express anger through verbal abuse.
8 Holding back anger creates a ticking time bomb which could explode at any minute.
9 Meditation and deep breathing can help a person to relax.
10 When we exercise, out bodies release endorphins which make us feel better.