A: Have you always dreamt of being in the circus?
B: Yes. I first went to the circus when I was five years old, and I wanted to become a trapeze artist ever since.
A: Did you have to train a lot to become a trapeze artist?
B: Yes, I trained hard from a young age to master the stunts and make them look effortless.
A: What is your favourite thing about being a trapeze artist?
В: I get a thrill from flying through the air, but I love to hear people applauding me and seeing the awe I inspire in them when they see me perform. That’s the best feeling.
A: Do you think anyone could do your kind of work?
B: Not everyone would enjoy it. The hours are long and you have to be prepared to travel constantly and to suffer from aches and pains. If someone is prepared for all that, then the thrill of being a trapeze artist is unbeatable.
The show must go on’ means that no matter what might have happened before or might happen during a public performance, the show must continue. I think people use this phrase because an audience expects to be entertained and it is important that they don’t leave disappointed.