A: What’s the special occasion we’re shopping for?
B: We’ve got a school ball this Friday. I was hoping you could help me choose an outfit.
A: Of course! What’s the dress code?
B: It’s strictly formal. I’ll need something elegant.
A: How about a nice ballgown and high-heels?
B: Yes, good idea. What about this one?
A: That’s fantastic. Green really suits you. It brings out your eyes.
B: Yes, I love green, too, but it’s a bit short.
A: You’re right. How about this one, then? It’s similar, but it’s a bit longer.
B: Oh, that’s lovely! I’ll go and try it on. … What do you think?
A: Wow! You look gorgeous!
B: Thanks! I’ll get it.
A: Don’t forget the shoes! These ones match the dress perfectly.
B: Oh, yes! They’re perfect. I’m all set for the ball now!