1 D
2 F
3 C
4 A
5 G
6 H
7 E
1 D (he moved to Taiwan… this was where)
2 F (friendliest and most welcoming … they offer whatever hospitality they can… warm smile)
3 C (tricky to reach … he wouldn’t have been able to post his photo if a lady in the building hadn’t held onto him from the inside)
4 A (caption alongside the photo… subject and their life situation … tell someone a personal story … more receptive to it)
5 G (walk in Manila … ended up in … crowded slums … a group of 50 families living in shacks…,… with no running water, electricity or sanitation)
6 H (For several months, Ashton held classes for groups of children … hard work didn’t go unnoticed … charity official said, “He goes to the most dangerous areas in Manila… everyone loves him.”)
7 E (If Ashton had more funding … if he can find the $50,000 needed)