A: In picture A, there is a young man who seems to be at home reading a magazine article. I don’t think he’s at work. What do you think?
В: I agree. He’s wearing a T-shirt and he is drinking something from a mug. In picture B, there is a young woman who seems to be on a bus or a train. She is wearing formal clothes and she is reading a newspaper.
A: Both pictures show people reading articles from a newspaper or magazine.
B: Yes, and they are different because the man is at home and the woman is not. She is on some form of public transport.
A: The man is smiling so he may be reading something amusing, but I don’t think the woman is reading something funny. What do you think?
В: I guess you are right. The woman is not smiling so she may be reading something serious.
A: Both of the pictures show people reading articles in print.
B: Yes and although there are some similarities in the pictures, there are differences, too. For example, in the first picture, it seems that the young man is in the relaxed environment of his home. It is probably the weekend, as he is drinking a cup of coffee and he is dressed in casual clothes. Do you agree?
A: Yes. He is holding the magazine in one hand and has a smile on his face, so he must be reading something amusing.
B: Perhaps, he’s just catching up on the gossip about a celebrity. I think, however, that the woman in the second picture is reading a more serious article.
A: I think so, too. Her newspaper seems like it’s of a better quality. I think she’s probably a businesswoman on her way to or from work because she is dressed formally. She may be reading the business news or something which may be relevant to her work or simply reading to pass the time while she is travelling on the train.
В: I agree, while the man is probably reading for pleasure in the calm relaxed environment of his home.