‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is a fantastic action film based on a comic book character. It is directed by Marc Webb and it stars Andrew Garfield in the lead role. This exciting film is filled with action and spectacular special effects.
The film is set in New York City where a high school student, Peter Parker, is trying to discover why his parents disappeared. He finds a clue which leads him to his father’s old work colleague, Dr Curt Connors. At this time, Peter discovers his own powers and prepares to face the villain, ‘the Lizard’, and become the hero.
The film has a gripping storyline and well-developed characters. The whole cast give superb performances and the special effects are truly spectacular. This film has one of the most action-packed endings I’ve ever seen.
‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ lives up to its title. I thoroughly recommend this film to everyone. It’s a must-see.