A: microscopic robot… created by a team of researchers in USA… called nanospider… crawls along molecules ofDNA
B: It can walk, turn and create its own products.
C: made of DNA molecules
D: they can walk 100 nanometres, researchers trying to improve this
E: Nanotechnology could be very important in the future… medical applications F: Some worried about safety of nanotechnology G: Billions of dollars being spent on nanotechnology around the world…in the future nanorobots may perform surgeries impossible today
A microscopic robot was recently created by a team of researchers in the USA. They call it a nanospider and it can crawl along molecules of DNA. It can walk and turn and make its own products. It is made ofDNA molecules. So far, it can walk WO nanometres but researchers are trying to make it walk longer distances. Nanotechnology seems to very useful and may have a lot of medical applications. Some people are concerned about how safe nanotechnology is. A lot of money is spent on nanotechnology and in the future scientists believe nanorobots may be able to operate on people.