A: So, Derreck, when did you first get the idea of recycling hotel soap?
B: It was when I was staying in a hotel in the USA and I was really shocked to hear that guests were given new soap every day.
A: Why was that so shocking to you?
B: Well, being from Africa, I know that 2 million young children die each year through lack of hygiene.
A: So how exactly did you get your project started?
В: I simply began asking hotels to donate their used soap.
A: That sounds pretty simple.
B: It is, but it’s hard work actually. We have to sanitise all the soap first, then heat it at very high temperatures, chill it and cut it into final bars.
A: I see. So, how many bars of soap has your project provided to people in need so far?
B: We have provided about 100,000 bars of soap to people in 9 different countries absolutely free.
A: That’s amazing, Derreck! Well, good luck for the future of your project.
B: Thank you very much!