Key words: short story competition, must begin: It was risky, but I knew I wanted to try it. story (120-180 words)
1 I should write a short story. I must begin with the sentence in the rubric.
2 The story could be about some friends who decide to take part in a dangerous activity and then something goes wrong.
3 I could set the scene by describing the weather, talking about the characters’ feelings and describing when/what time the story is happening and what the friends are going to do.
4 I could make the story more interesting by including interesting adjectives/ adverbs/ verbs instead of simple ones and by including appropriate techniques for beginning/ending the story.
Para 1: freezing cold but sunny day, cave diving club, dangerous ice caves in the frozen lake, arrived chatting excitedly
Para 2: dived into freezing water, entered first cave, spectacular view, then awful cracking sound above me
Para 3: horror, cave wall began to collapse, felt an arm pulling me, noise of ice breaking, reached the surface, Liam saved me
Para 4: everyone relieved, shaking with cold and fear but happy to be alive
It was risky, but I knew I wanted to try it. The cave diving club had never explored the dangerous ice caves in the frozen lake before, but it seemed like too incredible an opportunity to miss. We set out early on a freezing cold but sunny day and arrived at the lakeside chatting excitedly.
Before I knew it, we had all dived quickly into the freezing water in our heated wetsuits. When I entered the first cave cautiously, the view was absolutely spectacular with icy stalactites and colourful creatures all around. Then, suddenly, there was an awful cracking sound above me.
I stared in horror as the cave wall began to collapse! But then I felt a rough arm pulling me. I could still hear the thunderous noise of the ice breaking as I reached the surface. My friend Liam had saved me from being crushed by the ice – just in time!
As the others surfaced, you could see the look of relief on everyone’s faces. “I don’t think I’ll ever do that again!” I said, still shaking with cold and fear, but extremely happy to be alive.