Language in Use
1 French soldiers
2 four nanometres in width (100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair)
3 through a principle similar to sweating/evaporation (water between 2 cylinders evaporates in the sun, removing heat from the inner cylinder)
4 an astronaut
5 9
6 Greenwich Mean Time
7 almost 470 million pounds
8 4 million pages
1 When did Alexander Fleming discover penicillin? (1928)
2 What did Nikola Tesla pioneer? (the use of alternating current to send power over huge distances)
3 When did Vostock 1 orbit the Earth? (1961)
4 What is Angela Zhang working towards? (finding a cure for cancer)
5 What does Cameron Johnson do for a living? (He’s an entrepreneur.)
6 Where is the Royal Observatory? (Greenwich, London)
7 When did Jill Heinerth first go to the Antarctic? (2000)
8 When was Thomas Edison born? (1847)