(Suggested Answer)
A: Hi, Julie. Are you doing anything this Saturday?
B: No, I don’t think so. Why?
A: Well, I’m thinking of going to the Watermelon Thump.
B: What on Earth is that?
A: It’s a festival dedicated to watermelons! It’s been taking place since 1954.
B: Really? What do you do there?
A: Well, there’s a competition to try and beat the record of the largest watermelon. It was set at 37 kg back in 1962!
B: That’s huge!
A: I know. There’s also a watermelon carving contest, a seed spitting competition and live bands and other entertainment. So would you like to come with me?
B: I’m not sure … .
A: Go on, it’ll be fun. Entrance is free and there’s plenty of watermelon to eat!
B: Well, OK then.
A: Great! I’ll call you tomorrow to arrange the details.
A: OK, bye.