Encourage violence – boxers physically injure their opponents – glorifies violence – supporters mimic their sporting heroes behaviour-think it’s acceptable
Boxers get seriously injured – head injuries, brain damage
Strictly controlled referees – ensure boxers are fit – can continue
Have you ever participated in a violent sport? While some people support them, I strongly believe that they should be banned.
Firstly, sports such as boxing encourage violence in society. Since contestants win by causing physical injury to their opponents, fans of the sport mimic their sporting heroes’ behaviour and believe that violence is acceptable. Moreover, a high percentage of participants get seriously injured while competing in violent sporting events. In particular, head injuries are common among boxers and these could cause permanent brain damage. Alternatively, some people argue that violent sports should not be banned. They maintain that sports such as boxing are strictly controlled with rules and regulations. For instance, referees are always present during matches to ensure that participants follow the rules and are fit to continue.
All things considered, I believe that violent sports need to be banned. They can leave the participants permanently and seriously injured and they make violence in general seem acceptable.