I think it would be most rewarding to be a paramedic because you help to save people’s lives. Also, being a personal trainer would be a rewarding career since you help to build people’s confidence and can physically see the results of your work. I believe it would be challenging to work as a psychologist because you help people overcome their problems.
A pharmacist needs to be careful because their decisions affect people’s lives. They also need to be patient as they deal with all kinds of people.
A nutritionist needs to be patient and show understanding of people’s problems. They also need to be knowledgeable and keep up with nutritional guidelines.
A psychologist needs to be caring and empathise with a person’s problems. They also need to be ethical and keep sessions confidential.
A paramedic needs to be able to remain calm while dealing with very serious situations. They also need to be decisive and quick thinking because this can save a person’s life.
A dental nurse needs to be organised because they keep full and accurate patient records. They also need to be supportive and listen to the patient’s problems.
A personal trainer needs to be communicative or else you won’t be able to follow their instructions. They also need to be watchful to correct errors in technique and maintain safety.