1 seismic
2 bubbling
3 cleanse
4 strong
5 throw
6 skin
7 perfect
8 beauty
9 health
10 deadly
11 treat
12 steaming
There is a lot of seismic activity in Rotorua, New Zealand and the ground often shakes.
Visitors cannot bathe in the bubbling mud pools.
Maori warriors went to the Kakahi Falls to cleanse their wounds after battles.
The sulphur bath contains strong acid that harms your skin. Visitors are asked not to throw stones in the inferno pools.
Water from the Medicine Lake helps cure skin diseases.
The Medicine Lake looks like the perfect spot to enjoy a swim.
There are lots to beauty products made from the mud from the lake.
There are many health spas for visitors to enjoy in the area.
People are afraid of the deadly eruptions of lava from the volcano.
The nurse treated his wounds.
The steaming water of the hot bath helped him relax.