First stop is the Kakahi Falls, the largest geothermal waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere. The temperature of the waterfalls is 40°C. Maori Warriors once came to falls to cleanse their wounds after battles.
The next stop is the Sulphur Bath. This mud pool is not used for bathing because it contains strong acid that harms the skin.
This is the Mud Volcano. It is two metres tall and it erupts every six weeks, usually at night.
Now here we are at the Geothermal Inferno which consists of five pools with temperatures from 70° to 1I0°C. The pools are up to 15-metres deep. Please don’t throw stones in the pools as they block vents and can cause dangerous eruptions.
This is Medicine Lake. Its green water has been used to treat aches, pains and skin diseases for years. Swimming in the lake is not allowed. The mud from the lake is found in many beauty products sold in shops here at the reserve. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the tour. Be sure to visit one of the health spas before leaving and enjoy a traditional thermal mud bath.