A: are drilled, are released, is built, are put, are scattered
B: are taken
C: is located, are illuminated
D: are put on
The passive is formed with ‘to be + past participle of the verb’. Also, the object of an active sentence becomes the subject in a passive sentence, whereas the subject of an active sentence becomes the object in the passive sentence (or the object is omitted).
We use the passive form when we want to focus on the object of the sentence or when the subject is not known or obvious from the context.
1 Winterlude is celebrated every year in Ottawa.
2 Sleighs are rented by people to go along the canal./ Sleighs can be rented to go along the canal.
3 Amazing ice sculptures have been created.
4 Fireworks will be set off in the evening.
5 An outdoor venue concert can be attended this year.
6 The festival was held over the first three weeks of February.
7 The festival should not be missed./lt’s a festival that should not be missed.
8 The parade will be attended by the Mayor.