Activities at each festival
Mountain Trout Ice Festival: sledging, ice soccer, ice fishing, bare hands fishing
Fairbanks Ice Festival: ice art competition takes place, sculptors create ice sculptures, visitors see the sculptures take shape
Sapporo Snow Festival: snow statues and ice sculptures are created, the statues are illuminated at night, music, ice maze, regional foods, ski jump, snowboarding
Quebec Winter Festival: snow rafting, horse-drawn sleigh rides, outdoor banquets, snow competitions, dancing, night parades, sit out in open in a hot spa
A: I’m here at the Mountain Trout Ice Festival in South Korea. There are over 40 different events taking place at the festival now. You can see people sledging or playing ice soccer, but the main attraction is the ice fishing. The most entertaining event is the bare hands fishing. As you can see here, it can be hilarious!
B: The temperature is freezing here at the Fairbanks Ice Festival in Alaska. This annual event is where the world’s largest ice art competition takes place. Hundreds of international sculptors have come here to create incredible sculptures from the ice. Visitors can only admire as they see the sculptures take shape before their eyes.
C: It’s extremely busy here at the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan. This annual festival attracts as many as two million visitors to the area every February. Magnificent snow statues and ice sculptures are created. Now that it’s night, the statues are illuminated. There are other activities such as live music, an ice maze and lots of regional foods to try. There’s a ski jump, too, where people thrill the crowds with their snowboarding skills. D: Every year, the Quebec Winter Carnival offers a family-friendly atmosphere for winter festival-goers. There are all sorts of activities to do and see from snow rafting, horse-drawn sleigh rides and outdoor banquets to snow competitions, dancing, and night parades. Later on, I’m going to enjoy sitting out in the open in a hot spa like these people are doing under the snow-covered pine trees.