1 В (one of world’s top cave divers; had her photos published worldwide; won awards for her documentaries; got the world record for distance travelled underground; first woman to cave dive in Antarctic)
2 D (even though she didn’t know if there were any (caves) there)
3 A (“We found a dazzling world of sea stars and other curious creatures.”)
4 D (it was only later that she found out that a piece of ice had crashed into the entrance to the cave. If she had been near, she would have been killed … were trapped by strong currents and only managed to escape by… Just two hours later, the iceberg shattered)
5 C (Jill freely embraces her fear… we mustn’t avoid doing things that frighten and challenge us… if you don’t chase fear, then you’ll be running away from it for the rest of your life)
6 В (her work may affect future space missions… One day NASA hopes to send… 3D mapping device to the underwater caves of Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter)