single-minded = focused
doesn’t give up = persistent
brave = courageous
willing to accept ideas/suggestions = open-minded
looks at the positive = optimistic
really wants to be successful = ambitious
won’t let anything stop him/her doing sth = determined
A: I believe that it’s really important to be determined and persistent if you want to achieve something because if you don’t give up, you will succeed in the end.
В: I agree. I also think it’s important to be courageous because there are many risks involved when you are trying hard to achieve something; if you want to start a business for instance.
A: That’s right. So it’s important to be risk-taker, too.
В: Yes. Do you think it’s important to be relaxed, too?
A: I’m not sure about that. If you’re too relaxed, you’ll never achieve anything!
B: That’s true, but on the other hand stress can be really unhelpful.
A: I agree. Still, I believe we often think more clearly when we’re relaxed.
B: Maybe. I think you have to be really organised to succeed.
A: Hmm … That depends on what you want to achieve. Creativity is more important for some life goals.
B: That’s true, and the same for being clever. Some people weren’t top of the class at school, but they are still successful. I think ambition, optimism and determination are the most important characteristics. What do you think?
A: I agree. A positive attitude helps a lot, and if you have ambition you are usually really determined.
B: The same goes for confidence. If you believe you can achieve something, I think you probably will eventually.
A: I think so, too.