1 F (he had a hand in many more things … recorded music, electrical systems, the telephone, the alkaline battery, x-rays and an early cinema projector)
2 C (too slow to learn … many of his inventions failed)
3 G (absolutely refused to give up … He wasn’t afraid of failure)
4 A (Pushing himself to reach his goals … He set himself a target…)
5 H (take time out to relax … relaxation and short naps cam improve our concentration and creativity)
6 D (4 million pages of Edison’s notes)
7 E (what are you waiting for? Get busy achieving your dreams)
The author’s purpose in writing this article was to persuade the reader to believe in something and do their best to make it come true. By using Thomas Edison’s life as an example, the writer is trying to persuade the reader that they should work hard and be persistent in order to achieve their dreams in life.