(Suggested Answer)
The purpose of this report is to suggest ways to attract more children to our youth summer camp.
To begin with, there is a lack of sports that appeal to children. I would strongly suggest introducing more exciting activities such as archery and go-karting in order to appeal to children of all ages. Furthermore, the summer camp does not organise outings. I am confident that a few trips to local places of interest would attract more children to the camp.
Currently, the social networking page is fairly inactive. It would be a good idea to post regular updates and distribute a monthly newsletter so as to make more people aware of the summer camp and encourage them to attend.
Moreover, the camp is expensive in comparison to other camps. I am confident that more children would sign up if we reduced the prices and offered discounted rates for group bookings.
On the whole, I believe that a greater variety of activities, increased publicity and reduced cost would attract more children to our youth summer camp.