(Suggested Answer)
A: Hi, Sam; check out this advert for the new Thinktank science museum. It sounds amazing! Why don’t we go next weekend?
B: A science museum? What’s so great about it?
A: Well, you can learn about astronomy, medicine and science in a digital dome and theatre and they also have interactive exhibits.
B: Hmm … I’ll have to think about it, Tom. I’m not that interested in astronomy and science.
A: Really? I think it’s fascinating. It says here that you can even meet a life-sized automated robot!
B: Really? Actually, I do like the sound of that.
A: Me too. Oh, go on. I bet you’ll have a great time there.
B: Well, I suppose it might be fun. How much are the tickets?
A: They’re only ?7.
B: That’s not too bad. OK then. Let’s go on the website and book our tickets.