Para 2
Topic sentence: There are actually many good reasons why living in a block of flats can be a positive experience.
Support/reason: Firstly, flats are usually conveniently located close to town centres.
Justification: This means that amenities and facilities such as shops and banks are close by.
Support/reason: In addition, living in a block of flats can be quite cheap.
Justification: Rents and household bills are usually reasonable and residents can save on expensive car parking or public transport costs as their home may be near enough to work or school to walk there.
Support/reason: Lastly, residents can often enjoy a great community spirit in blocks of flats.
Justification: This is because they live so close together.
Para 3
Topic sentence: On the other hand, there can be plenty of disadvantages to living in flats.
Support/reason: To start with, the blocks are often in unattractive inner-city areas.
Support/reason: Also, life can be uncomfortable there.
Justification/example: City flats are often cramped and noisy, for example with little privacy and storage space.
Justification/example: Also, they rarely have outside space, for example there is often no private garden.
Para 2: Living in a block of flats can have a lot of advantages.
Para 3: On the other hand, living in a block of flats can be a negative experience.