Key words: international student magazine, advantages, disadvantages of living in the city centre, essay 120-180 words
1 a for-and-against essay for an international student magazine
2 formal/semi-formal
3 Para 1: introduction stating the subject
Para 2: advantages & reasons/justifications/ examples
Para 3: disadvantages & reasons/justifications/ examples
Para 4: conclusion giving my opinion
4 pros: easier to find a job in a big city, never get bored
cons: often crowded, homes often small/cramped, rents can be high, crime rates often high, can be lonely, impersonal places
5 never get bored – close to amenities and entertainment such as shops, restaurants and theatres
easier to find a job in a big city – many big companies have their offices in cities
often crowded – there are often traffic jams, public transport is busy and the streets are full of people can be lonely, impersonal places – people in cities rush around & don’t take time to get to know each other
crime rates often high – have to be careful travelling alone at night