City centres are loved by some and hated by others. What then, are the advantages and disadvantages to living in the city centre?
There are a number of advantages to living in the city centre. Firstly, it is easier to find a job as many big companies have their offices in cities. Secondly, you will never get bored. This is because you are close to amenities and entertainment. For example, shops, restaurants and theatres.
On the other hand, there are obvious disadvantages to living in the city centre. To start with, it can often be very crowded. There are often traffic jams, public transport is busy and the streets are full of people. Also, the crime rates are often high. Therefore, you have to be careful travelling alone at night.
All in all, there are definite pros and cons to living in the city centre and it isn’t for everyone. I believe choosing where to live depends on everyone’s individual needs, don’t you?