Suggested Answer Key
One warm day last spring, my friend Tommy suggested going for a picnic in the countryside. There were a few dark clouds on the horizon, but we decided to risk it.
After a lovely relaxing walk over a pretty hill, we sat down in a meadow and ate our tasty picnic. Then, just as I was drifting off to sleep on the ground, I felt a big fat raindrop splash onto my nose. “Quick, get under that tree!” Tommy shouted. We sheltered under the thick branches. Suddenly, I noticed something appear on the ground nearby as the rain washed over it. It looked like the top of an old-fashioned wooden box. I asked Tommy to help dig it out with our hands and eventually we had uncovered it. Slowly, we opened the box. It was full of shiny coins!
The box was too heavy to move so we called a local archaeological museum on Tommy’s mobile. Experts arrived soon afterwards and told us that we had found some extremely valuable old coins. A few weeks later we received a reward. We were delighted! What an amazing discovery!